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Remove 457 already

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The title is self-explanatory

457 must be the most cancerous, broken and hated thing on the server so in behalf of all the people I'll give a few reasons to why Xunt should Thanos snap him out of the server:

1º- Impossible to ResearchRP with.

Researching with 457 is completely impossible due to the fact that even getting close to him will kill you, it gets even worse when he gets bigger and some retards will just feed him furniture and in the end you get a battleship sized humanoid creature that can cook LCZ personnell for breakfast


2º- Magical fire

I believe the first time anyone tried to throw a D Class into 457 and see what happens wondered "Why the fuck am I on fire even tough I'm behind a literal wall of glass?" and that's what I don't understand, this reason can be linked with the previous one because sometimes 457 is so big that you simply cant go past the gate of his room, not to mention that it can burn people from the other side of a fucking solid steel gate.


3º- Almost impossible to contain

Currently the only ways of containing this thing is either wait for the automatic contaiment or to descrease his size enough, so I'll make a different paragraph for both ways:

"Just wait for the automatic recontaiment bruh" -OOC guy, 2020

Waiting for the automatic recontaiment isn't an option because not only it kills any "RP" that the contaiment units will have but also isn't realistic, also just locking it in LCZ is not a viable option because it will be a litteral hell to any players in there but also someone can just run to the HCZ/LCZ CP and open the door.

"Just use the size reducer" -OOC guy, 2020

The size reducer is the only other way to contain 457, however for the Size Reducer to work you have to be set on fire by 457, pretty bad right? It gets even worse when you consider that only E11 Containment Units and B-7 has it, also from what I've seen the speed at which it decreases is slow, "Just use the fire extinguisher bro" for that you'll need another person there not to mention that they cant be braindead or else you're fucked. My point is by the time containment units arrive it will be huge not to mention even if they decrease his size some retard will just shoot at it making it big again, the Size Reducer is an unreliable tool.


4º- Atleast 90% of people hate it

Asides from people who play it, no one likes it because it's a bitch to contain and will just annoy people in LCZ.


5º- Sometimes 457 is too big to be breached

It happend today, basically 457 was so big that he couldnt fit trough the door way.


The Substitute

If this gets denied I ask you our savior Xunt, please for the love of god make that its flames cant burn you trough solid matter, because it's really annoying.

If this gets accepted it will either leave the CC empty or we will get another SCP, I have a few ideas:




These are just a few ones that I found with a quick search, I'm not expecting them to be added as most likely someone will find a more interesting and easy to program SCP.



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2 hours ago, Royal said:

I'm obviously +1'ing this but.


That was a response to another basically same thread asking for a nerf. Doubt this is gonna get accepted.(maybe he'll remove 457 who knows)

That was a thread made back when 457 was even worse, I agree with Xunt, the point of breaches is to be hard to contain the SCPs back, however 457 is different, 076-II and 682 for example are examples of hard to contain SCPs yet 457 is on a whole new level because as I explained, there is only 1 way to contain him other than waiting it out, not to mention that all other SCPs are possible to test with however in 457 case, it is utterly impossible to have some kind of RP due to the reasons I mentioned in the suggestion.

5 hours ago, Xhorinhas said:

(although it is their fault of not teaming to contain the SCP) 

I mean it's partially their fault, yes they could team up and try to contain it which they often do btw, however the problem resides in the fact that for it to happen safely 1 must use the fire extinguisher which when it runs out it's over, not to mention that it's super easy for the SCP to regain its size, also lets not forget that especially B7 players are new guys still learning and only E11 Containment has the Size Reducer


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E-11 Commander here. A good 457 is impossible to contain. Hell, a 457 that knows how to use the SWEP is already near impossible. If you bodyblock 457 with 4 containment units, all using the size reducer, 457 will still be able to kill all of you with the SWEP before you contain it. No amount of teamwork would help. I did some  testing when 457 was first changed to it's current state; One size reducer can negate two people on fire. Essentially, if ANYONE that is not containment is near 457, we can't contain it. If 457 is small and running around, dodging the size reducer, you can't contain it.

Also, what's this talk about fire extinguishers? E-11 and B-7 are both immune to fire, and 457 doesn't care if you are on fire or not.

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If we had a dime for everytime someone shot 457 even though we told them atleast ten times to not shoot them and instead put their guns on safety, We'd be able to afford the earth in it's entirety 5 times over.

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neutral, i guess?

we could just nerf it down to a 913 level SCP! (for legal reasons this is exaggeration)

this is one of those quintessential SCPs which you couldn't go without, imagine SCP RP without 173

i think this SCP is hard to contain because A) only containment units can contain it and are immune to it nearly completely, unlike things like 682 and B) nobody knows how to contain it well

maybe a new method of containment, because currently this one makes 0 sense and is practically impossible to pull off

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457 offers little in terms of RP (research and otherwise) and is a buggy and horrible SCP.  Whilst your suggestions of replacement are either gay or just horrid to impliment, 457 should be removed and replaced.

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As someone who plays a lot of E11 i can agree this SCP is literally uncontaiable even if players dont know how to M1 to hurt us, i think a good idea would be to switch 457 with 073, it would give Event Managers ability to do nice Event crosstest with SCP 076, 073 would be free to roam around site but not to leave it, he would have the No U swep that wont allow him to die.

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Yeah, SCP-457 one of the most unloved and disliked SCP's and after I read all Comments it convinces me to +1 this, since theres no person I know of that would miss this SCP since its just there to piss people off.


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