mouse droid getting fusion cutter

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What your suggestion is: Giving mouse droid the fusion cutter in hot bar, as they still have the repair tool  for the previous ships stuff, so giving them the cutter and remove the repair tool would be poggers as  repair tool is useless now.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: already in server (LFS)

Any additional information: MOUSE DRIOD POGGERS


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I know people will laugh at this but it goes same for the Astromech droid. Let them repair as an Astromech droids job is to repair. No issues with this. Could allow people to actually play the job properly. So +1



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Just makes sense, might make people play it more if it is actually usable.

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I mean it seems to make sense , plus will actually make them useful but we have to wait as CE Ace and other jobs dont have it yet and they need it the most. Also the fusion cutter needs something fixed with it as its broken in a sense

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due to certain things on it -1 until it is fixed

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+1 amazing idea it would seem extremely helpful when no CE are online

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Astromech and Mouse droids will have fusion cutters.

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