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Give Security their own comms like Researchers / other MTF squads have. Would make giving out orders in the security department much more efficient and arguably more demanding for their own comms than Researchers, this would help out a lot of HOS' trying to maintain control over the department.


Not much to add here as it's self explanatory.

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for some bizzare reason, every single HoS does a 'debrief' every 2 minutes, basically a reason to just arrest those pesky level 50 security officers who cant be asked to attend them, and die in the process. 

would be cool to have security comms so security can be more organised and not spam the public comms with 'all security to lcz armoury' every minute

so +1

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+1 instead of needlessly clogging foundation channels security could have their own unique channel, its literally a quality of life for those who play security so there's no reason not to add it.



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besides being a good suggestion, also gives norra something to do.  he must stay busy, he cannot break out of our control

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Same reason as the Nathan , hos loves to spam foundation comms with "meeting in 5" followed by "meeting in 4" and so on.

Also security letting the hos know that they've killed a dclass might net be interesting to the rest of foundation.

If fucking manufactuing comms exists i don't see why security shouln't have them

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Foundation main comms are to send information to everyone, a HoS calling a meeting every 10 mins or giving orders trough pollutes comms most of the time.

Also just an idea, shouldnt the SD get acess to the Site comms like research and etc?

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Really everyone summed it up, it'll allow security to be more coordinated while making F comms less clogged up with messages such as "Everyone to LCZ Armoury or you're AOS".

17 hours ago, Lorex Krato said:

Why not just allow HOS to access the server to do announcements over the intercom?

If the goal was to get the SEC attention, doing an announcement would do the job .

One small issue is that the announcement would go to everyone with Foundation comms which defeats the point of targeting only security and not disrupting the flow of F comms as well as that the HoS would have to go to EC every time and return back to where he wants to go which is time-consuming.

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@Rustyzack wood +1’s mean nothing!!!!!

to be real security need them comms, to get orders in a good flowing manor compared to the Lt and the HoS spamming orders over Foundation comms


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+1 Sounds good to me. Security Guards are just completely unorganized and I think adding their own comms could fix that. It also is a nice way to introduce new players (security mostly consists of new players) to the comms system, without putting them in a huge comms-group (foundation comms) right of the bat, where they will probably just get ignored.

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+1 read all other +1s

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Nothing that hasn't been said already. It would clear up the Foundation comms, would allow security to have a bit more organisation, and would also be helpful to new players who may get overwhelmed by messages in Foundation comms and perhaps miss an important security message.

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