A new job , Bad Batch clone troopers

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What your suggestion is:

Hello , I would like to give this suggestion , to get a new job for Raph and myself , because our dream is to become RC but like you know us , we like to have fun most of the time , which we would like to say sorry if you find it irritating , we want to ask you for a new job so that , we leave the job of rc to people who really deserve it and not getting it stolen by one of us if never we would make it to arc and then rc ,  we know we will maintain a level of seriousness that we never had on the server if we would get to have a job for Bad Batch , I found two models that correspond to which soldier I want to be and Raph wants to be , Tech and Hunter.

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information:

That's all , have a wonderful

day and thanks for taking the time to read , may the force be with you , long live the REPUBLIC!!spacer.png

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+1 Make Sahid and Raph Clone Janitor 99

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I don't have a problem with the models, but as much as the server loves you guys, I find it hard to see SMT allow this

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36 minutes ago, Jack. said:

ugliest models I ever seen

U probably can’t do better

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For now this is a no, once some non-CGI models which are better quality get made, we might look at adding CF99 in some form.

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