LFS Land Vehicles

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What your suggestion is: LFS Land Vehicles

Scriptfodder/workshop link: 
1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2140276599 | 11.501 MB

2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1966256640 | 11.839 MB

Any additional information: 
The first addon has 3 speeders, a land speeder, a STAP and a Sith speeder that Darth Maul Used in Episode 1. The land speeder could be used by CG because their speeder got removed when LFS got added and the other 2 Could be used by ECs.

The second addon is a TX-225 Imperial tank that has 10 seats with 2 of them being a gunner and driver seat it also have some guns in the front, The tank could be used by 212th or CE for troop transport as another option to the LAAT, it has a top speed of 25km/h which is a bit slow for a transport vehicle but it could be changed.

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I'm sure EPs will love to use the STAPs and Speeders.

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All of the vehicles are pretty cool have used them myself only the TX-225 is a Imperial era vehicle it wouldn't really fit & make sense since its a cargo transport vehicle

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+1 for Speeder

Vehicle for CG which they need, Not good for prisoner transport but they can get to AOS's quicker if they are not close, also good EC Speeder.

-1 for TX-255

As wyvern said imperial era vehicle and cargo vehicles not needed really.


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+1 for the first one, but i dont like the speeder you want to give CG as it most defently dont look like a patrol speeder, but that can be fixed with some coding and re-texture i believe

-1 for the TX its imperial tank, it would look good for EC's to use but not something a regiment should have as its not really a era we need

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+1 for the first suggestion.

but 2nd one is imperial tank and just doesnt fit with Republic era (yes ik we use imperial weapons but thats minor thing) and personally i wouldnt want this in our vehicle list we have tx130 and IFTX which ppl can sit on very easily  we just dont allow it cause we are not transport regiment, unless battalion tells us to be, so No for the 2nd one.

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+1 for all suggestions

1st suggestions is a great addon for EC's to mass ambush the clones with fast speeders and will keep the clones on edge.

2nd suggestion I would say that its practicality outweighs the fact it is from an imperial era. I mean we use 2 different Imperial style maps as base maps so adding a land vehicle troop transport does not seem that far fetched especially on maps like snow facility.  I tested the tank myself and it is not that powerful as a tank but as a troop transport it could have a better purpose.

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+1 for 1st Suggestion

Would be nice for some more vehicles for EC's to use

Neutral for 2nd suggestion

I do not think we really need any more vehicles for transport so it might be better used for events rather than general transport for clones


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Already got added in the update, cheers.

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