A continuation of a post I made back in january of this year

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Well I'm gonna start of by saying yes I'm still alive. And I didn't do anything I just had those thoughts at that moment. Also yeah my mom still uses her sedatives. And I just wanted to vent out again. So my mental situation didn't get any better It got even worse. I tried to talking about my mental health to one of my classmates who ended telling the whole class everything I told him. Which ended up almost getting cps called on my parents, cause one of the classmates ended up telling their parents which obviously they told the principal about all of it. But somehow nothing happened and I don't know why. I think my mom tried to talk my principal out of it cause they were classmates during highschool and she's a pretty good manipulator. But after she came back from work. Instead of talking to me she started screaming at me that I would suffered if I was taking away from her. So after that whole ordeal I began to have trust issues to everyone I talked to about my mental health and my mom decided to get me a psychologist I could talk to. But she didn't helped me at all she just told me to draw stuff and that's it. But one day we were talking about my feelings in one of our sessions I told her about how I was depressed and all of that. So she ended calling my mom telling her that I should def get help. But after that my mom cancelled her sessions and I didn't talk to her ever again. So thanks mom for not getting me any help or even talking about my mental health. So that's it I just wanted to get this of my chest cause I'm feeling pretty depressed at the moment cause I don't have that that many friends.  And I haven't talked to anyone expect mom for a month and I haven't gone outside that much.

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Uhh...hopefully you can find the help you need and find a good friend that will listen to your issues and not tell it to everyone 

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