Nox's First EP App

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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link:

Noxbowl -


Roleplay Name :

501st Vice Commander Nox


Teamspeak Name:



Playtime on the Server: 

3w 1d 6h 6m.


SteamID :



Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server:

Not on Gmod, but yes


Current Age:






Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:



Event Plan:


Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original:



Clone Story: Wookie chieftain Whenhi has contacted the republic and is in need of assistance! Some trandosians are attacking his home of Kashyyyk, Republic forces have been called in to eradicate the enemy, however they must be quick as Whenhi is not sure how much longer he can defend! 



Jedi Story: Kashyyyk is experiencing an attack from trandosians, at this time, there is a fellow jedi at the village trying to figure out what is causing the trandosians to act up, the jedi figures out that there are sith taking charge of these trandosians. The lonesome Jedi Calls in the order to assist him in taking them down.


Map: Kashyyyk


Enemies, HP, Amount: 

Alien Trooper - Base HP - 3

Alien Heavy - Base HP - 3 (+1 if no sniper)

Alien Flamer - 1500 HP - 1 

Alien Sniper - 2250 HP - Depending on 41st attendance 


Passive, HP, Amount:

Chieftain Whenhi - ??? Job -  2000 HP -  1


Republic's Execution:


Clone Execution: Battalion Will start by ordering all forces to push the main bridge in an attempt to take back Whenhi’s home, after their success, they will search the upper level of kashyyyk and eliminate any more trandosians that remain. Once this has happened, the leading batt will receive a message from Whenhi telling him they have been pushed very far back on the lower levels. The batt will then order CG, DU to set up shields facing the exit of the lift. All other non-grapple hook regiments will pile in behind these shields, the batt will then have all Grapple Hook regiments descend the side of the life via the outside to do a flank and attack the enemy from both sides. 

After the compound at the bottom of the lift has been cleared, Batt will call everyone to regroup at the gate of the compound. Batt will attempt to make contact with Whenhi but will be unable to reach him, So will send RC & ARC to the caves as that was where he last contacted them from. RC & ARC will then have their own mission, To search the caves and look for keys to unlock the trapped wookies they have found inside of the caves, including Whenhi.

Whilst RC are on their mission, All other forces will move the opposite way to the caves and will engage more trandosians, these trandosians will have heavy weaponry, vehicles and defences, so the batt can have 212th set up some tanks to assist the troops. The fight will last for a while until eventually the Jedi, having cut off the source of the trandosians, leaves one last wave from the elevator compound. Leading batt will then call all units to  a debrief and end the event.


Jedi Execution: Jedi Will Stay behind from the clones until they push towards the elevator, where they will search the upper level for their jedi that contacted them, they will not find this jedi, however, they will find his lightsaber along with some sith. From their onward the order will try to get the sith to come in peacefully there will be a back and forth for a while until both sith ignite and start to attack the jedi. There will be a back and forth attack between the two sides for a while until they eventually cut off the sources of the trandosians leaving the clones with one last wave, and finally ending the Jedi Event.


Event Character Execution:


EC Execution: The trandosians will start by holding the main bridge from the briefing area. They will be given a singular turret and some barricades to protect themselves. They will then be pushed over to the area with the wookie ship, holding that until they are pushed out of it. (This is where the jedi will stay behind and find the lightsaber) The trandosians will then be run out over to the lift down to the bottom level. The sith will then appear before the jedi and there will be some negotiations between the two sides. The trandosians will be pushed to the bottom level of kashyyyk where they will be given another turret and more barricades so that they can take out the forces coming down the lift. They will then be eradicated from the lift compound and will be set up around the corner with 2 turrets, 2 tanks and one big barricade. As this happens the sith will ignite and start their combat with the jedi. The clone forces will then attack the trandosians and constantly push them to different locations until the sith are defeated, where all trandosians will set up at the lift compound, with 2 turrets and loads of barricades as a “last stand” as the event comes to an end. 




Event Information:

The event is a simple eviction of some Trandosians on kashyyyk, it involves an RC mission and some points for each regiment to have fun and be effective, whilst also letting the EC’s feel powerful. 


Have you ever Done an Event Before?:



What was your event and was it successfully executed?:



Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

I do, they are to provide events for the community and give them the opportunity to enjoy fighting with and against each other, leading to new members of the community being interested in staying on the server.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:

I do 


Anything else?:

W-G E-Planner


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I like the event Idea

Hes a VC more than trust able

Good luck on your app

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Good event idea 
I've known Nox since the dawn of time (since I transferred from 74th) and he has continuously proven himself to go above and beyond with the things he does.
Good luckkkkk!!

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+1 501st VC trusted guy

Edited by Sandy_Shores

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Cool Event Plan
High Rank


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The event idea is very much original and also takes from star wars lore, which I think anyone can enjoy. Along with that, I know you are a perfectionist and put your heart and soul into many thing so EP will just be another thing to add to the list.

Activity is my only concern but thats mostly due to schooling so its not a major red flag.

Good luck Nox,



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+1 / Neutral

Nox is quite active member in the community and has gained a high and trusted rank in 501st. The event plan is pretty cool and detailed but making and showing us a dupe would make the event feel more unique and make it different from other basic events on Kashyyyk. I like the small detail on the Jedi event (finding the old lightsaber of the Jedi) but a dupe would once again make the Jedi event more cool. Also buffing the hp of the flamer and sniper is quite bold and risky choice as both of these jobs are already very strong without the buff.

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High Rank/Trusted
Cool Event Plan on a Map that's pretty rarely used

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It’s a pretty cool event plan, I appreciate the thought put into both sides of the event and it doesn’t seem too basic. RC and ARC mission seems well thought out because it doesn’t mean clones have to wait about until it’s done, and overall this is a pretty nice application without too many flaws. 

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+1 Nice event plan 

Trusted guy

Is pretty cool

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-Nice guy 

-good event plan 

-Dedicated towards server 

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-Amazing Guy
-Great App
-Love you buddy 

Good luck xoxox

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