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Bill Pill's Event Planner Application

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In game Name: Bill Pill

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:103669717

List of warns: 6 warns, 1 for failrp name, 1 for sprinting as 049, 1 for encouraging metagame, 1 for LTARP and 2 for breaking fearrp and false raid 2x (all in 2019/2020).

Any previous or current staff experience: None

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min):
I am trustworthy and active on the server. I love participating in events and I would like to make some events of my own. My events will try to include as many people as possible and not just one or two people. I will take event feedback seriously and try to improve upon my events through any feedback I receive after my events. I will be dedicated to my events, and I WILL NOT abuse my powers. I promise not to break any of the rules while I am event planner and will accept any punishments if I do so without complaining. I will include combat and roleplay in my events and not just one, so it doesn't get boring over time. I won't make an event that's purely combat but I may make an event that's purely roleplay if I believe it is necessary. The reason I want to include both roleplay and combat in my events is so that people who enjoy combat and people who enjoy roleplay can both enjoy the events that I do. I will also look at other event planner's events and their feedback so that I can also improve on my ideas for events.

Your event plan:
My event will include CI and the Foundation (mainly CI and Site Administration/O5s). A CI Delta will be contacted IC and will relay information about my proposal to CI management so that the event can begin. The event will be in 2 parts: CI preparing for the event and then CI starting the event. Information about the event may be leaked to the Foundation so that Foundation can prepare for it (this it not guaranteed). CI will be given MTF Beta-1 disguises (B-1 models) and will infiltrate the Foundation through roleplay by tricking the Foundation through a fake document about Beta-1 coming back to the site or they will have to improvise. CI will have to act like B-1 but their main goal is trying to get Site Administration/O5 demoted, PKed or taken hostage. After that has been done, CI will either have to shoot their way out of site through combat or passively roleplay their way out (possibly through consequence RP). If CI take any hostages, they will interrogate hostages for information. CI could also try to steal classified documents from the Foundation while inside the site or trade hostages for something of value. Foundation could try to rescue the hostages if they wish to do so. After the event, CI management could give out promotions to CI participants in the event if they do well. MC&D will also be included in the event. The MC&D salesman will be given a contract IC to work together with CI on surface to defend against a raid from the Foundation. Upon completing the contract MC&D will be rewarded with 10M (by me). MC&D may also have another secret objective during the event...

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- Bill pill pretty good but event is just 
>Sneak in site
>Kill O5
>Pew pew till you die/escape

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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Fat minge



Edited by Taurus Tremani

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He is trusted, knows his stuff, chill guy

Only bad thing is that the event is not that "unique", and I feel like the event will most likely end up bad because the mindset of CI and Foundation, except for the wl/competent players.

I just hope that you have better events in mind for later usage.



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The event idea is whatever, I know its hard to think of a good original event while being worried about the rest of the app



Bill is a long lasting member who haa proven multiple times he can RP and knows the SCP Universe, 2 very important traits an EP should have


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I told you that if you actually made a B-1 event I'd consider it, and my impression is it's just an overwhelming gun shoot go brr with the passiveRP side making absolutely no sense. Whilst I do believe what you say in your why should we pick you section, your event plan needs major work or innovation for me to believe you have the standards needed for the event team.


Please reapply when another EP slot opens up.

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