What do you think of being able to lay down in game?

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what do you think of the function to be able to lay down in Game, and also to be able to shoot when laying down?

i know some other servers have the function, but Should it be added, or is it fine like how it now is?

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I wouldn't be opposed to it. It could be pretty cool for 41st to be able to scout stuff whilst laying down to hide themselves a bit, or a 3rd tier to the firing squad (Laying -> Crouching -> Standing) and other stuff.

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Well sounds cool but its completely unnecessary and adding a prone addon would probably cause a lot more issues for what its worth. Also would make it actually impossible to punish 41st as a non-sniper EC. Only benefit is me binding prone to my mouse button and dropshotting every EC with a DS shotgun.

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It would be cool but It is just not that useful to have because the only people who could use it is 41st and I think they are doing fine with what they have now. However if SMT and the developers find a way to make it have almost no impact on the server I think we should add it.

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Honestly rlly cool idea i think this would be great for 41st with hiding from sight i believe it would need time to get into the position to not have it abused in combat and i think it could inspire some great barricades 

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time for an advanced firing squad with 3 lines (1 line prone 1crouch  1 standing)

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Have a prone addon and I can tell you that is very annoying if you accidently press CTRL a little bit too fast, since then you need to get back up which locks you in place.

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Seems like it'd only be used by the 41st regiment which would be a hassle for the rest of the server to have to work around

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