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In-game name(s):



Steam Name:



Steam ID: (



Age when applying:



What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone:

Wales/UK - UTC


Can you speak and type English fluently:

I can


Current total game-time on the server (type !time):

Your total time is 3mo 2w 2d 20h 7m.


IC Rank(s) and OOC Donation Rank(s) on CWRP: 


IC: Clone Force 99 Right Hand H-07 (Echo)  OOC: Plat VIP


Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak


 I do, I speak all the time.


When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since:

I joined the server on 1/6/21 - I took breaks for LOAs over my time in playing, I resigned in October of last year of all my ranks, and returned in January this year.


How often do you use our Teamspeak 3 server, CWRP Discord and our forums:

I use all 3 daily


State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in game and type !warns.) Upload it to or as a steam community screenshot and include the link). Your game time must be visible as well in the screenshot. (Type !time then open warns menu, and drag the menu so chat is visible with the time): 


State the role of staff on the server:

Staff are there to ensure that all players have a safe experience on the server. Whilst watching for rulebreakers and treating them accordingly.
The role of staff isn't just to provide an act against rule breakers, but they are there most importantly to ensure that the community is having a fun & safe experience. They should be aiming to ensure that all members are finding their experience positive, and always looking for ways to improve themselves, or the server.


Have you read the server rules and are you familiar with them?

I am familiar with the rules, yes.


List of all previous server staff experience:

I was event planner for around 11 months, resigned without any strikes or demotions in october of 2022


Do you understand that you can be demoted at anytime with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?:

Of course


Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:


1 ) You are told by a Player that somebody is randomly killing other clones:


To start, I would teleport to the individual accused and check if this was continuing, if it was, I would teleport the player away from the area, into a staff Sit and explain what they did wrong. I would then check logs to see how many people were killed and that would inform me on how to punish them. If when I teleport to the individual they are not currently killing clones, the only thing I would do differently is I would check logs before I teleport the player, to ensure that it wasn't a false accusation, or the person was mistaken. 


2 ) You are asked by a Cadet to be trained using the @ function:


I would start by informing the cadet that I will get them a trainer ASAP. To start I would contact battalion to send someone IC. If this does not work, then I will ask in OOC if anyone is willing to train the cadet. If no one takes this offer, I would teleport someone at the rank of NCO ( or lowest above rank if no NCO are present ) and inform them  that they will need to train this cadet.


3 ) During a debrief, a CT accidently shoots someone, whilst trying to safety their weapon:


This situation can be handled in character as it was an accident, however if this becomes a regular occurrence for this person, I would speak to them to find out why it is happening so much.


4 ) A CT #### doesn't salute you, despite you being a rank higher than 2nd LT:


As a staff member, I would not act upon this as it is an IC situation, not OOC. If I was on my IC job, I would give the CT a reminder to salute all those 2nd LT and above, as a friendly reminder.


5 ) Someone commits FailRP, but claims that the specific instance of FailRP is not explicitly stated within the server rules:


In this situation, I would state to the individual that they should read the rules properly, as under the FailRP section, it states 1.5.1 Not all situations can be listed and it is down to using common sense and for non-listed situations, it is down to staff members to decide. If the individual still wished to argue their warning, I would direct them to the forums to argue their case, as the staff member who gave the warning, I would feel it important for me to then reply to this request on the forums with why I gave the warning.


6 ) You bring a player into a sit and punish them accordingly, however they do not agree with your punishment and keep on arguing:


I would start by saying that if they feel I have unjustly warned, banned, or punished them, they can go to the forums to make an Unwarn/Unban request. If the person still wished to argue, I would inform them again that they would need to head to the forums to change the outcome. If needed, I would call a second staff member to assist with the sit.  As the staff member who gave the warning, I would feel it important for me to then reply to this request on the forums with why I gave the warn and include any evidence I may have of this. 


Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team and your strongest assets as a person/potential staff member (250+ words):


I believe that I would be a good addition to the staff team because over the course of me playing the server, I have reached the rank of Commander in 501st after being a part of the regiment for around 16 months, which shows my determination and dedication. Aswell as this, I have shown my maturity throughout the course of being an Event Planner for almost 11 months also showing my reliability also, this would not differ if i was chosen for the staff team. 


As a previous event planner, I know the server rules well and have had to refer to them multiple times to ensure that I was correctly punishing someone. I have had a high amount of staff experience by playing late at night when no staff were online, where I had to deal with claims and issues often. I believe this puts me above other applicants as I have shown my ability to deal with these situations in a professional manner and i believe i still hold this professional manner. My activity is also a strong suit, I regularly play throughout different times of the day, putting me above other applicants as I would be able to get on when others cannot and ensure that rules are always followed and that the server runs smoothly.


In my time on the server, I haven't been warned, banned, or even striked. This shows that I am a responsible and reasonable individual who understands to follow the rules. I am always looking to actively improve either the server or the regiment that i am currently in, my dedication that i give to the improvements i aim to make shows the amount that i care, whilst also showing that I am able to give my input into what i think would be correct, something that would not change if i was selected for the staff team. 


I think one of the most important reasons why I believe that I should be selected for the staff team is that I understand that being staff isn't only about dealing with rule breakers, it is also about representing the community itself and ensuring that the player base enjoy their time on the server. Becoming staff is a large responsibility, I have shown that I am able to hold this responsibility well in both my previous ranks as Commander and Event Planner, but also in my current rank as Clone Force 99 Right Hand ( VC ).


My current efforts and dedications are shown in Clone Force with recent updates that are sadly yet to release, but I played a large part in helping to create ideas and push for their addition, this would not change if i was given the opportunity of staff, i would actively seek to put forward not only my ideas and suggestions but the communities as well and hope to improve the server on a wider basis, instead of focusing on improving just SpecOps


If I am given the opportunity to become a member of the staff team, then all of my effort  that I can give would be given to it. Thank you all for reading my application, best of luck to all applicants. 

Current Ranks


Clone Force 99 Squad Leader H-07 | Administrator | Detainment Droid 

Past Ranks


501st Commander | 501st Sergeant | Jedi Operator | Jedi PadawanEvent Planner Clone Guard Private

Jedi Peacekeeper 501st Special Operations Colonel | Detainment Droid | Reserve Medic | GM Fire Droid

Jedi Guardian Jedi Knight | CT 3166


Jump Trooper Private Scout Trooper Sargent | Sith Apprentice | ST 3166 | Shock Trooper Private


T-SEC Lance Corporal Fonollio


Jump Trooper Lance Corporal | Hutt Clan Henchman


Jump Trooper Lance Corporal | Pyke Henchman


Jump Trooper Jr Medic 2nd Lieutenant


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big +1

-good amount of playtime

-reached high ranks
-very great guy to be around
-very friendly and understanding
-lots of experience from long service in EP
-shown commitment to the server

Further more good luck Nox

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Great guy
Has shown dedication and commitment in his application
Always friendly
ULX experience
Reached high ranks and currently is CF-99 VC

Overall, Nox is a great guy and really deserves a chance.


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Great guy
Has shown dedication and commitment in his application
Always friendly
ULX experience
Reached high ranks and currently is CF-99 VC

Overall, Nox is a great guy and really deserves a chance.

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- Is active

- Good Application

 - Has some previous ULX experience

- Reached high ranks in game



- N/A



Nox would be a good suit for staff and an overall nice guy!


Good luck! 


- cam

Current Ranks:

 GM Vice Commander camo

CWRP Administrator


Previous Ranks:

GM ARC Colonel camo



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Good App with a very good final section
Previous great IC and OOC Experience

Current Ranks [CWRP]
Admiral | Reserve Medic
CWRP Super Administrator | Lead Mentor
Past Ranks
CE Marshal Commander | 74th ST MD | CT TRP "4625" - CT PVT | CT DCPL
Jedi Sage | Jedi Warlock | Jedi Sentinel | Jedi Shadow Jedi Peacekeeper
 Event Planner Staff Mentor
[WW2 1943RP]
 Panzer-Abteilung "Großdeutschland" Gefreiter - Unteroffizere (13/02/21 - 25/03/21)
ST TRP "4625" | JT Corporal | IE BFT PFC501st PFC
 Rebel Alpha Group Major

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Would be good for staff
has ULX Experience 
Overall nice guy and deserves a chance 

Current Ranks
  Obi Wan Kenobi - OS Commando F-91 CWRP Senior Event planner
Past Ranks
CT 2459 - CE PFT MEDIC COLONEL CG Detainment Droid - Battalion Sand - Battalion Colonel - GM LT Colonel 5x Regimental Medic Jedi Ace CWRP Senior Event Planner Jedi Watcher 501st Colonel Jedi Paladin - Jedi Phantom - Jedi Beast Tamer Jedi Lorekeeper CWRP Jedi Event planner - 501st Gamma ARC Colonel



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-highly competent and qualified 

Current Rank
501st Commander 

Past Ranks
501st EXO & Colonel | 327th LT Colonel | Battalion 2nd & 1st LT | CT Medic Captain | 41st Captain 
Jedi Shaman | GM & 501st SpecOps Colonel  |  CWRP Event Planner
ST VC & Storm Commando SL | Sith Spectre | IRP Senior Event Planner

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Although you removed me from your buddy list, been EP so knows his commands and has obviously done claims before. Holds a hierarchy position and more active than CF-99 combined.

The One and Only Community SEP
F37 > F77


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Known Nox for a very long time, I have seen him grow and he is more than capable of excelling in staff and is deserving of the opportunity
Good luck!

Current Rank(s):

Rear Admiral

Previous Ranks:

Head of Battalion, 501st Executive Officer, Senior Medic, 74th Advanced Medical Officer, Doom's Unit Captain, Jedi Senior Consular


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You have been accepted into the Staff team! contact a member of SMT for your introduction!

Current Ranks:

Yarael Poof
Security Staff

Previous Ranks: 

RC Commander F71
CWRP Staff Manager 
CWRP Lead Mentor

OS Squad Leader F71
Jedi Overseer
Jedi Shadow
Jedi Blade Warrior

GM ARC Colonel | Temp VC
 501st ARC 2nd Lieutenant | Temp Major
CWRP Event Planner

Sith Knight
Scout Private First Class
Jump Trooper Executive Officer
Storm Trooper Drill Corporal

T-SEC Private

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