Evilgejf's unban request

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My In-Game name: Evilgejf

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com)  STEAM_0:1:81866391

Steam Name: Evilgejf

What is the reason for your ban: 30 warns (If someone could post my warns so people that wanna read them can that would be lovely, and thanks if u do it)

How long were you banned for: Perma banned

Name of the staff member who banned you: Spades

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: First of all I wanna say that I am not gonna sit here and write that this warn was unjustifiable and this one was and all of that stuff since there is no need since none of if it will change the fact that I was banned, instead I am here to ask for a second chance with the server.

I have been playing the server for 3 and a half years now and over that period of time I have accumulated 30 warns. I can very easily understand how some people under that period would recive 0 warns or maybe even 5 but I recived 30 warns by either minor things I did or some major stupid things I did.  One thing that I do wanna mention is that I never went on the server to ruins anyone's experince, I never just went on wanting to get anyone to stop playing or not enjoy their time on the server instead I mostly did stupid things as saying some things i regret saying or taking stuff I do too far which resulted in most of my warns. Almost all of my DTP and DTS warns (If i do have any) I do say sorry to them since its usally just me accidently saying something I  shouldnt.

So for the last thing i wanna say sorry if you don't understand what I am writing since i am quite terrible at writing these kinds of things but i hope you understand what i am trying to get through, if you don't I will just explain it simply. I wanna ask for a second chance from my past actions that led me to my 30 warns, I wanna ask the people that I have said things towards that I shouldnt have for a second chance.


Anything else: First of all I am gonna mention this again but sorry if any of this is really hard to read, I am quite bad at writing stuff like this so I am sorry if it doesent come across as I put much time into this unban request or if it looks like I don't care about it too much. I just wanna clarify that I just have a hard time writing stuff like this but I did put in time to write this unban request and I also really want to be unbanned.  Last thing I will say is that I won't respond to anyone in the thread since I just want to hear you're responds so if u wanna ask me something just search me up on discord and if u can't find me just add me Evilgejf#2311. I am also terrible sorry for my spelling mistakes but it's hard for multiple reasons that I won't get into.

Thanks for reading this and I hope I  will see you on the server in the near future bye.

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+1 ish

Reaching 30 warns is something very hard to do and shows the type of person you are, but I do believe in second chances and personal improvement.

He could come back on a 1 strike (warn) bases, he does anything warn worthy he's out for good.

Good luck Evil and I do genuinely hope you took time to improve on yourself.

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-1 mong

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To be honest I also do believe that most of the times people do deserve a second chance (most of the time).

Getting 30 warns is pretty bad, but if you got them over the span of 3 years, then that is slightly different storry, than getting them all in like 2 months.

Still thought you were a person, which not many people wanted to be around, just because of your personallity.

Never the less good luck.

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very toxic but maybe he Grown and stop being a baby about things but i dont know its been like 3 months 


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Hi Evilgejf!

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I've never had a bad encounter with you however if Spades was willing to remove one of your warns (so I've heard) and you were toxic to him, I doubt you'll be unbanned.

But nonetheless you do seem pretty sorry so might just be worth one more chance, if SMT allow it of course.

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I experienced what Evilgejf was like during his last months on the server as well as spoken to him after his ban outside of Gmod several times and i can safely say that the man deserves another chance. He didn't come onto the server to directly minge before he was banned and the 30 warns he accumulated were over the span of 3 years. 

2 hours ago, Evilgejf said:

One thing that I do wanna mention is that I never went on the server to ruins anyone's experince, I never just went on wanting to get anyone to stop playing or not enjoy their time on the server instead I mostly did stupid things as saying some things i regret saying or taking stuff I do too far which resulted in most of my warns

I can 100% vouch for this to be honest as pretty much all of the times i've seen Evilgejf misbehave and end up getting warned was because of retarded, seemingly impulsive actions which occur as a result of him taking things too far in the moment which ends up with him getting into trouble and regretting it. His continued commitment to the server (up until his ban obviously) and the amount of time it took to eventually get himself permabanned shows, at least to me, that his statement is true.

Plus several people have had their permabans removed under last chances and for the most part they have done fine so i definitely think that Evilgejf deserves to be among them.

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To start off, evilgejf is a retard, but excluding that part he is one of few dudes left in the community that has played for quite a while. He's generally considered to be a retarded mascot for swrp . He doesn't really minge overall, the warnings was gathered after quite some time that lead to the ban

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1 hour ago, Bronze said:

+1 ish

Reaching 30 warns is something very hard to do and shows the type of person you are, but I do believe in second chances and personal improvement.

He could come back on a 1 strike (warn) bases, he does anything warn worthy he's out for good.

Good luck Evil and I do genuinely hope you took time to improve on yourself.

he had 30 chances

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Even though u got the reputation of being the SWRP retard and being just generally toxic, ur time at Jedi just before ur ban was good.  U weren't toxic in VC's, well when i was there anyways, and u were overall doing good in Jedi.  As Ice Cube said, u never speedran these 30 warns, they were acquired from ur long time in the community.  I think overall u deserve at the very least one more chance, who knows u might surprise us.

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+1 he waited longer then i expected to make a unban most the warns if am correct are from a while ago only a small amount are from recently speaking, over the time he was in 21st/GM when i was there he wasnt toxic too much but when he was it was mostly a reaction to other people being toxic to him due to him being evilgejf, i know you liked swrp a lot and honestly if people dont hate you your a good guy to speak to. Therefor i belive a second chance is worthy. Also he never came on the server to just minge (talking about in the last year or so).

Another point i wanted to say is that Evil always said sorry after doing something stupid at least when i called him out for it which shows he knows what he did wrong and is moving on he really has changed and he knows the warns and real and valid but is just asking for a second chance.

As evil requested I'll post all his warns, the is one more at the bottom which is ARDM but i couldnt fit itimage.thumb.png.e29397c7a2f3f47a908379ef29ed78ef.png

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Evil waited for quite some while to make this unban request which shows he takes it serious. Also Evil gathered most of his bans in a time period of 2 to 3 years and it was all plain stupid, no minging and no trolling he just has his special moments, and since people weren't very fond of him to were more inclined to gave him a warning. 

Also Evil may be a toxic personality but he never really misbehaved compared to people who came on the server just to minge about and destroy other people's fun. I had been in GM with him for quite some while, even when I was hierarchy, so I can say from my own experience that Evil sometimes is just very dumb/socially inadept but was never on the lure of destroying other people's fun. Which makes the case less severe. 

And to finish it, people who were known as much bigger minges got unbanned as well so I don't see a problem for him getting unbanned. 

Good luck!

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+1 used to hate him but i have spoken to him recently and hes been nice but talks about anime too much-Jacko


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Neutral to +1

Evil took 3years to accumulate 30Warns, whilst rules are rules that's very spaced out when you think about it, I think he should have 1 very final chance and keep on a tight leash, BUT rules are rules and end of the day he did what he did and got 30 Warns

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Has being playing for a long time and has got these warns throughout the whole of this time. I think that he was only banned because people thought it would be funny to see  his sister ban him


The Boys


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-1 Neutral

The one thing that is making me say neutral is because it took him 3 years to get these 30 warnings but it is still 30 warns which is quite difficult to achieve. He got 30 chances to improve and he knew when he was reaching the late 20 warns that he was close to getting permabanned. He knew exactly what was going to happen. 

I´m someone who has to see and hear what he says and how he acts and I still think he is the same. He is an old time player but he has still been very toxic towards a lot of people in-game. If he is to be unbanned he should definitely be on a one warning basis but in my opinion his attitude would still need improvment (I know its not only his attitude against me but also people he speak to over other games).

You gave him 30 chances and how many more should he get and how soon after his unban? A lot of other people have had to wait for a longer time to get their chance to be unbanned and has been less toxic especially after he was given so many warnings and he was told off in GM for being toxic. He never really improved and it ended up with him getting a blacklist in GM due to the fact that he didnt want to improve his toxcitity.

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Never spoke to Evilgef while he was in starwarsrp,
however I have spoken to him outside it and he's seen like a decent guy.
I'm keeping neutral because obviously the main reason he got banned was in starwarsrp.
While it does take a while to get 30 warns over 2-3 years it is still 30 warns and he knew what would of happened at 30 

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Never spoke to him, but even with this many warns, and the fact that he posted an unban request, is funny enough to give him the 31th chance to show that he can get banned again.

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