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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link:



Roleplay Name:

Battalion 1st LT Breatoking


TeamSpeak Name:



Playtime on the Server:

3mo 1w 4d


SteamID (😞



Any experience in staffing:

Not really


Current Age:






Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:

Yes I do


Event Plan:


Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):


Map: rp_Venator_Extensive_v1_4 and rp_Vanqor_sbs


Enemy, HP, Amount:


CIS B1 Battle Droid, Base HP, 4 of them

CIS Commando Droid, Base HP, 2 of them

CIS Sniper Droid, Base HP, Dependant on how many 41st but at max 2.

CIS droid Pilot, Base HP, 1-2 of them and only bring in once the republic have claimed the FOB

Sith Cultist: 75k, 2


Passive, HP, Amount:


Clone Trooper, 1000 HP, 1


Republic’s Execution:


So the event will begin with the Venator ship being in hyperspace, heading towards Vanqor to rescue a clone unit. From there they will exit over the planet but be ambushed by the CIS fleet. CE are sent into the air, in an attempt to try and stop the ships from taking the Venator down, but a vulture droid will hit into the bridge and destroy the navigation systems, which lead to the evacuation onto the planet, as the Venator in a defcon 1. Once they all get off, the map switches and the republic are at their landing zone. Once briefing is done, they are to do a full assault on the FOB, which is swarming with droids. The battalion in command should use RC, 41st and 21st to open the gate. Once it is open all the frontline forces (e.g 501st, 212th, 104th and CT) should be instructed to push in and take the facility.  Once they do they should find a wounded CT trooper in the back of the control room. He will explain that he is the only survivor and that the CIS are stationed on this planet in a bunker. He will also say that it is ray shielded. He will then explain that in the caves, behind the crashed Venator, there is a control board which, if destroyed, can bring the shields down, along with the blast doors into the hanger section.

With this information being finished the CT should begin to cough and begin to die. RRD should try to save him and take him to the med bay to recover. The battalion in command should then order frontline regiments to the caves. CE should also begin transport at this time. To and from the spawn to the FOB. At this time, the CIS fleet get a hint of what is going on and bring their fleet out of orbit and begin to send in vultures/Hyena bombers to begin an attack on the ground forces.

Once the frontlines arrive at the caves, they should push in heavily and after brief struggles, they should enter the first room. In the entrance there is a console that either CE or RC have to hack. Once it is down the blast doors and ray shield should be taken down. The commanding Battalion should then order an attack on the bunker and claim it for themselves.

After this is over the planet should be in the republic's hand and all droids should be wiped out. When the battalion orders a defcon 4 and it is clear, they will be extracted to their next base, rather than doing a debrief on the planet


Jedi/Sith Execution:


Some Jedi can go help CE with fighting off the droids in space but their event begins on the ground. Once briefed, a high ranking Jedi will sense a powerful force artifact on the planet, and will go see what it is. They will arrive on a crashed ship with a makeshift altar with 2 Sith surrounding a Sith Holocron. When confronted they should be cold and say that this was given to them by their master and they crashed. When the Jedi try to get the Holocron, it should escalate and Sith should begin to fight for the Holocron.

During the fight one of them should try to keep working on the holocron, and if the Jedi ask, they should say that they are trying to awaken a dark beast to destroy the republic forces on the planet. The Jedi should stop him and either arrest or kill both Sith, but it's too late. The holocron begins to shake and pulse with power, but Jedi should meditate around the holocron and deactivate the awakening ritual.

When the planet is saved, they should take the holocron (And Sith if alive) and that will be the end of their side of the event.


Event Character Execution:


At the start, a few (5 selected droid pilots) will begin to do bombing runs on the venator and try to fight the CE in the air. When the battle begins to draw out, one of them will be told to slam into the flight deck and blow up. From there all fighters should land and let the republic escape.

When on the ground the droids will prepare to hold the FOB from the republic. They will try to stop the MG and once they fail to do that their mission is to stop them from entering the FOB. Once they fail to do that it should be in their best interest to try to go inside buildings and fight in the close quarters. After this they will respawn at the caves and, again, prepare to hold out at the caves. Once the CIS fleet has entered orbit, the selected pilots will get switched and then be put onto a dreadnought.

As the frontlines push forward to the caves, the pilot droids begin attacking the FOB with bombers and CE gets into the air. Vultures should be used to begin dog fighting. If CE takes too long to get into the air, Hyena bombers should begin doing bombing runs on the frontline forces, to force their hand to act quicker.

Once the frontlines set up outside of the caves, it should be a defensive dream. They just need to hold the line and don't push out too far. If the hold gets too bad and clones can not push, the commando’s should be changed to B1 and their spawn should be put further back, until the push is successful. Once the droids lose the terminal they are to station on the outside of the bunker and prepare to hold the, now open, blast doors.

As the frontlines keep pushing the droids deeper and deeper into the ground, the last hold should be a communication relay in the cave section to the bunker. Once the clones have pushed to there it should be the last life and once they are all dead it finishes. The CIS fleet should also leave at this time so the pilots should go on last life once the republic gets outside the cave system.




Event Information:


So the event is based around the crashed Venator on the map. Once the republic entered the system they got bombed and lost the venator. Once they crash and scramble to make a FOB, they send a distress signal out for anyone in the area to help, and of course we take the call and go help.

It's a very basic planetary but it adds different things to it. We go just to extract and leave but we then go on a full battle to reclaim the entire planet and instead of just finding that out from random things, it comes from someone who has lived through the loss of the FOB. The battle itself was made to be more dynamic. The ground forces are very much the same but the space battle is more to give CE something to do and add another aspect to the fight, the commanding Battalion needs to focus on


Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

I have helped EP’s with their events and I have been a character in main story lines but I have not done the role of an EP before


What was your event and was it successfully executed?:



Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

An Event planner's first responsibility is to make fun, enjoyable events. Making them interesting, enjoyable and involving as many people as they can. It's also their job to make the events new, original and make new, and inventive stories. In terms of staff roles, they are to act just like one, in terms of maturity and being sensible in their actions. If there are no staff online or if they are unavailable they should take claims and try to help as much as they can and if a staff member comes online, they should step away and let them handle it.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:

Yes this makes sense.


Anything else?:

W-G E-Planner

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+1 Is very experienced and makes cool trailers

                                                                               Current ranks

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High Rank and Trusted
Great Event
Literal Chad

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Very good event 
Very cool guy
Puts a lot of effort in battalion and I'm sure he'll do the same as an EP

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RC Auxiliary Security Staff Honour Guard

 Previous Ranks: 
RC Commander F71 CWRP Staff Manager Plo Koon

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+1 Puts effort in and already is doing some nice little story things with some videos and just would make a good EP

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Just one word for this man and his apply, CHAD


It doesn't care what path of the Force you follow, 

The thing that cares about a living soul is what is he doing in both live and afterlife.

The Force is just a path that you must take care,

And it's our duty to make it right and the right path.

They're is nothing except the Life, Honor and The Force.

-A part of the Nyryor's Force Sensitive Order 

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Need to add one more thing
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Does good leading events coming up with creative ideas, will come in handy as an EP.

Known well In The Server

Good App

Current Ranks

Gambling Addict
McDonald's Employee

Past Ranks

Conscientious objector

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If he even just puts in 10% of the effort from Battalion into EP, he'd be really good.

Detailed event plan, clearly dedicated to the role.

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21st Commander - Jedi Paladin - 74th AMO - Battalion Captain - GM Colonel


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I really like the introduction to the event being just a crash, which is alot different from your typical "All units report to MHB for a briefing". The idea itself gives everyone something to do so noone would be left out. Overall a very nice event and simple, so should be easy to preform. Good luck Breatoking.

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-Can't finish a Minecraft Modded Series

-Cool Guy

-getting an only fans


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- Good Event plan

- Great effort in Batt, don't see why he cannot carry this over to EP

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Sexy guy
knows what he does
very serious
long Playtime

also is Battalion, and its easier to be staff when also being a Battalion

Deserves a shot!

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The guy can lead, great plan and lives for the RP
Perfect choice

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