Let clones take their helmet off when on Defcon 5

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What your suggestion is: Let clones take their helmets off when on Defcon 5

Scriptfodder/workshop link: nadda

Any additional information: There's no negatives too it, i feel like it would make sense and a lot of members agree. It makes sense since lore wise it was a thing and also a lot of people will/have made pacs for that and it would be chill. - thanks for reading

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Some people might forget to put it back on unless you are in 3rd person

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Well the thing is that they would be forced to run back to bunks to put their helmet on as going into C menu and doing it is kinda failrp since u dont actually have it on you so really stupid suggesiton


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Like evil said you would need to be running back and forth to bunks. With this aswell remember we are on a base and bases do tend to get attacked. With this if the base we are on gets attacked and your in the middle of the MC you with no helmet on will make you a much easier target to kill since you would technically get got shot in the head (of course due to HP this most likely wont happen) where more damage will be dealt especially if the EC is a good shot and gets you in the critical point 


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I disagree with evil and coco (sorry lads), I dont think you should have to run back to bunks to put it on. Using the C menu is kinda fail rp yeah, but so is having a whole inventory full of equipment that you just pull out of no where. Also in the series clones were often seen without helmets, for example the rishimoon episode. 

However, I am neutral due to what corn said with people forgetting to put it back on, especially CTs who may just use it as an excuse to not wear it in combat.

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I get the failRP points but half the shit on this server doesn’t make sense. Either way there is no harm in helmets but I also see zero point at all running around with one off. So imma stay with a neutral 

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dont care lol, maybe during surprise attack it could be problematic RP wise, but then again we pull RPG's and miniguns out of our prison pockets

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I dont see a problem taking off helemts in bunks but around MB Coco and evil said it all

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Well this was implemented on the server a couple years back and everyone hated it, at least the way it was implemented. It was some time before ARF and ST were added as regiments or Wolfpack I believe.

You used to be forced to take off your helmet on Defcon 5 at the bunks, then you had to run back and put it on otherwise.

Regardless, even if you could just take it off by choice on Defcon 5 and even if you could use Bodygroups to put it back on. 1. There is the RP thing and 2. This could bring a lot of unnecessary problems. The helmet thing isn't a necessary thing while the vast loadout we have is a necessary evil for example. Imagine people forgetting or people having problems with putting it back on, people who don't know they don't have it on, new players etc etc.

It's a good idea and it's never a bad thing to give suggestions but this has been done and has been scrapped for very good reasons. Just ask anyone from back then like Saffrus or Torbjorn.

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Too many people will forget when a base attack happens. Also you don't see clones in the movies/show really take them off while outside doing base duties.

Bar & Bunks is fine as it is.


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there is no point in implementing this

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Not really needed, you can take it off in bunks or at the bar. Also no it is not fucking failrp to put on the helmet outside of bunks, you can literally carry a helmet. You aren't forced to run back to bunks to put on a helmet if you took it off in let's say the bar. A simple example would be battalion, as they can wear armor in any place without the need of a closet.


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Is there really a difference between wearing a helmet or not, if it does get accepted in another couple months people will want helmets on for all defcons like it is now and just keep going in circles



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Take it off in bunks if it's an issue. You're on a millitary base.





Credit to Loki for this.



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-1 I really don't see the need for this due to the fact that people can forget to put it back on and it will just be pointless, this suggestion is only for people who would want to make themselves look cool for Pac3. It wouldn't benefit anyone over anything.

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On 12/20/2020 at 1:00 AM, Blaster said:

A simple example would be battalion, as they can wear armor in any place without the need of a closet.

"Battalion will be having their suit on with any bodygroups they feel fit and armor will be staying in the closet during defcon 5." - excerpt from Battalion Handbook. I even remember some sort of text explicitly saying that Battalion need to get to Battalion Bunks escorted by CG when being attacked. I can understand the argument that you can carry a helmet around with you but surely not a whole armor.

yo what tis

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There is absolutely no reason the allow clones to have their helmet off at pretty much any give time, since the clone´s head isn´t exactly pretty to look at in the first and as people said. Noone will really use it (except for the minges), so I don´t see the point of making this a thing.

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23 hours ago, malnjayz said:

I even remember some sort of text explicitly saying that Battalion need to get to Battalion Bunks escorted by CG when being attacked.

This is funny but not true. When we need to put our armour on we just use C menu on the spot.


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Totally unnecessary. Nobody would ever use the change so not really needed in any way.

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