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What your suggestion is: Giving DU NCO Tool & Physgun

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: I think this is a beneficial suggestion because, currently it is a pain in the ass for DU NCOs and ETs to build in events. I understand ETs not getting them as they are not trusted, however, me and other members of hierarchy would not promote someone to NCO if we didn't trust them with basic tools. NCOs are generally the ones who will be asked to build in events as we want to see their building abilities and help them improve. Having to ask an admin for tools every time is just a massive waste of time. 

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+1 its complety understandable and i do agree DU should be the one regiment to have this added becuase ngl claims mid events can be slow for reasons that most staff are fighting or doing something related to the event

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DU are the regiment for barricades and I don't really understand why NCOs don't have the tools. This would save a lot of hassle in events such as the 12am one where not many people are on, a potentially a lack of CO+.

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Of course since it seems as of late that staff take bit of time to get to do claims. Naturally if theyre caught abusing it they can be punished for that

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+1 but fortification tool when 👀

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On 1/12/2021 at 2:18 PM, Cameron said:

+1 CT NCO got phys gun and tool gun, you lads can.

They dont COs do. NCOs need to ask as well. But I can very well understand that DU NCOs need it quickly in events so:


yo what tis

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not really needed as now staff are on it in a second but would be useful for them so +1 all NCOs in my opinion should get tool and phys

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DU NCO will get toolguns and physguns on spawn.

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