Mark's Third Battalion Application

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Steam Name: Funlardon

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47753225



Current OOC rank on the server and / or in other communities (e.g. Plat VIP, Mod, Event Planner): Plat VIP



Age (Must be 14+): 27



What is your playtime (2+ Weeks Minimum):  3w 14h 42m.



Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes/Yes



Have you read through the Battalion Handbook, and extending documents from it: Yes



Do you meet the requirements:  Yes



State all previous OOC punishment (Kicks, Bans and Warnings | Including Discord / Team Speak) and provide a screenshot of your list of warnings (Go in-game and do !warns) then provide a screenshot:

No bans, warnings or kicks of any kind



In Character Section (IC) -


In-Game name (Regiment, Rank then your name): 104th NS Colonel Mark 

Highest rank obtained (Including previous): Colonel, (MedIc)

Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment (If so explain the reason): No


What is the Battalion Motto:

Lead your men to death, Honor is better than surrender



Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion (100 words minimum):

The roles and responsibilities of  Battalion is to to be a role model to clones to follow. Battalions are to be with their assigned regiment that they are supervising unless (Leading an event) leading an event would mean leading all regiments during base attacks our planetary. As a battalion role you must be disciplined and treat it with respect as it is one of the highest roles on base.


Responsibilities of a Battalion is to ensure  that  the base is running smoothly and efficiently by once again leading by example and abiding by the rules that have  been set out. There may be situations that  clones are acting out of line by disrespecting the chain of command or disobeying the orders set out to them, There can also be scenarios in which  the base can be under attack or being infiltrated, This responsibility falls on battalion to ensure that anything that can be done to prevent these situations are done and also that if it were to happen they  are capable of dealing with it. Battalions also must hold trainings for regiments that they are overseeing to sharpen their skills for when they are on the field as well as assisting them when battles are happening.


Why should we pick you for Battalion (200 words minimum):

The reason I believe I should be picked for battalion is because throughout my time in 104th I have gained a lot of knowledge with how to deal with situations on and off the battlefield. I have learned how to deal with  different individuals and how to provide meaningful trainings and guidance, This has made me be able to lead better  when it comes to leading the 104th through base attacks /planetary's, I am able to give clear, quick commands and Along with previously joining the medical team it had taught me also how to be a team player and have better communication skills so my team knew where I was and could come to me when they needed assistance.


Due to also playing other strategy games and enjoying learning different ways to outsmart my opposition it has given me a better understanding on how to see what's going on in a battle and giving better directions to get us to victory .


Although I have only been in one regiment which is the 104th I have taken the time to get to know each and every other regiment and learn their strengths and weaknesses so I can once again understand how to direct each and every regiment individually to gaining victory.

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank?


What do Battalion do during combat, when they are not leading (In detail):

If a Battalion is not leading the battle then they will help assist any of the other regiments that may require the extra help. During  battles you should focus on the regiment that you are supervising and being aware on what they have planed for  their attack and making sure  that you have a number of suggestions to give them in the event that they are struggling to push or complete their task at hand. Also the when in battle the battalion are there to help support each other by making sure that orders have been carried out by the leading battalion.

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted?

1 - Lead base attack  successfully With or without voice amp

2 - Lead successful planetary with voice amp

3 - host an open training to a high standard

What rank can Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up too:

Can promote & demote from Captain and below

Anything else?: 

Thanks for taking the time to read again



Edited by Mark..
re- wrote some of the application because a lot was similar to previous

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This is Mark's THIRD application. Clearly he is very dedicated to wanting to get into Batt.


-Highly active and mature individual

-Although not high of variety of ranks in other regiments, is a Colonel and shows dedication to his current regiment. 

-Nice guy and is a very solid medic.


-I genuinely cannot think of any cons. 

Best of luck to you.

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CWRP Event Planner

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- its is his third app and he is very dedicated to this.
- no previous warns or kicks.

- the app seems to be mostly copy and paste of the last application.
- he hasn't been active since he applied (not sure if this links to the copy and paste).

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 501st Colonel
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501st Temp EXO, CT PVT, GM PVT

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Hes scottish and a great guy mark would make an outstanding batt

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Active pretty much no life

third App dedication 

does well as a 104th SO 


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Battalion 2nd Lieutenant 

Previous Ranks:

CG EXO|501st SGT|SCT EXO|Event Planner|DT Commander|41st CPL|104th MJR


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Mark is active alot

natural leader in events

Level headed and knows what he is doing

very smart and quick thinking

good in PVP wise

friendly to anyone

Got an outside life that needs a lot of time 

Current Ranks:

104th LT COL 

Jedi Apprentice


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Every time I've interacted with him its been positive 

High rank in 104th 

Dedicated enough to make 3 apps to try and join Batt

If this is copy an past update and repost the app with perm 

- Toast 🙂 

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Extremely dedicated, the fact that this is his third application should be enough to prove that.

I've personally seen myself how well this man can operate in events and on base

Very active and friendly member of the community.

- Ginger

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Very nice guy. 

Would be a good fit for battalion, as well as dedicated to joining, shown by 3 applications alone.

High Activity.


Current Ranks


Past Ranks: 

 Kit Fisto, 212th Exo ,  Batt officer ,  Event Planner , GM 2nd LT, Snr Mod

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*Active member 
*Great guy 
*Third application shows he hasn't just thought ow it would be cool if but that he really wants it 
My time as 104th Supervisor i saw mark step up when it was needed hes lead events to an amazing standard + he understands 104th and were they shine and struggle and with even the shortest amount of time i believe he will be able to learn the best ways to use regiments 
*Honestly i would love to see him get batt and id love to mentor him 

Copy and pasting his last one (if he has) i dont see as an issue as after a few applications theres not rlly that much else you can say 

-Battalion Captain Tay 

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Mark is a great guy, friendly and knows when/how to be serious and handle RP situations. He's incredibly active, and most definitely dedicated. I can't reasonably say anything against the man, i believe he would make a perfect fit into Battalion.

Best of luck, Mark; i'm hoping you get accepted!

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- Friendly and nice lad

- Seems like you really wants battalion

- If it is true you copied and past your old application it really proves to me you don't have the energy to write a new and better Battalion application. For me it showes that you are lazy, and by that I wouldn't really want you in battalion. 

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+ You're nice, grinded to get your requirements up, and I think you would do well in Battalion.
- Repost of your other application.
Best of luck, Cheese

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Rear Admiral

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Head of Battalion, 501st Executive Officer, Senior Medic, 74th Advanced Medical Officer, Doom's Unit Captain, Jedi Senior Consular


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